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See what our past clients have said about us!


"I had such an amazing experience with Diiscoburger Surf School!!! Dylan was such an amazing instructor. He was very patient while taking the time to teach me everything I needed and wanted to know before we got in and made me feel very confident and safe in the water…I had so much fun!! Such a nice guy and I will DEFINITELY be returning for another lesson soon!!!" - Gianna Benso

"Great experience from Diiscoburger Surf School! I had no surfing experience going in and my instructor was able to effectively teach me the basics along with giving tips and tricks for correcting the common mistakes I was making. I felt encouraged and supported during the lesson and would highly recommend!" - Victoria Christopher

"An amazing surf teacher! Dylan has great patience and he makes his lessons so much fun! You’ll have such a gnarly time 🤗" - Amber H.

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